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When will they ever learn? - The Pirate Queen's Column [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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When will they ever learn? [Aug. 31st, 2006|12:18 pm]
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In life sometimes we come upon a person that we just feel connected to. The attraction, the chemistry, it's all there. The crush turns into a like and somtimes, the like turns into love. Wam! A realtionship.

But what happens when the trust of the relationship is violated? What then? Being cheated on is a very hurtful thing. Having been the victim of this myself I can identify with others on this one. So your partner cheats. Do you take them back, forgive them? Or kick them out on there hinney?

I say get rid of 'em. Taking them back is only enableing them to do it more. I recently had a friend of mine break up with his girlfriend after he took her back hte first time she cheated on him. In my opinion BIG MISTAKE! Now that he has broken up with her for good I think he is better off. Sure now hes sad and still loves her but I know, with time, it heals.

So what would you do? Love em or leave em?

[User Picture]From: tony2btrue2self
2006-09-04 01:47 pm (UTC)

Advice from an old witch

I say leave him. I chose my new screen name for a reason. Being True to yourself is the ONLY way to ensure a happy relationship. Even when I was with Sami, well, after the bliss quickly faded, I began seeing it for what it was-er wasn't. If you take the person back knowing deep down that you don't desire them well, you only risk hurting them more, and more deeply then you ever could breaking up with them orginally. You my dear are wise beyound your year to be learning this now! Enjoy your 20's, be smart and have your youth! Don't worry about marriage/kids yet, have fun, be young and drink Pepsi! M'lady.
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